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$20|$50|$100 $1,500 New Series Bills Mix

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This prop money set features five $20, six $50, and eleven $100 bills for a total of $1,500. Made with unmatched precision, these bills are incredibly realistic - the closest you can get to real money. They are full print, double sided, non-glossy, and highly detailed for superior realism. Pro filmmakers and directors use these bills in music videos, films, TV, ads, and more.

Each bill states "for motion picture purposes" and "this note is for motion picture purposes, it is not legal tender". By purchasing this product you agree to use it in a legal manner. Please read our legal disclaimer.

As seen in hundreds of major productions including

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Christina J.
Prop Money

It was easy to use this item

Mark S.
Cool Cash!

You'll love this authentic look of these prop dollars.
Really great for magic, fooling your friends and more$
Grab some of these bucks and use your imagination!
Love the product!

Branden S.
Money for person with dementia

So appreciate talking to contact on phone, then made order. The person rearranges money and is safe with care givers coming and going. The person can have his “money”, move it from place to place, and we don’t have to worry about those coming and going having access to actual money. It has been a life changing help for this person. Thank you.