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45% off Deal of the Week Shop now

Free FedEx 2Day® when you add $100+ to cart

25% off Summer Sale Shop now

Make Your Own Custom Designed Fake Dollar Bills

Looking to make a splash at your next event? Look no further than our custom printed money! Custom designed bills are sure to create a unique and memorable experience for any event. With our custom fake prop money you can make your own dollar bills that will turn heads. With our expert design team our customizable fake prop money can be personalized to fit any occasion, whether a birthday party, graduation celebration, corporate event, or even as a promo for your business.

Imagine the excitement of handing out personalized fake prop money with your logo or message printed right on the bills. With our custom money, you can do just that! Create your own money easily and make a lasting impression on your guests or future clients.

Forget about generic bills — you’re in control with the ability to customize your own bills. Make your own bills and design them exactly how you want. Our custom dollars are made with unmatched quality for an ultra-realistic look.

So why wait? Make your own fake prop money today and take your event to the next level. Make any event extra special with a one-of-a-kind bill that leaves a lasting impression. The possibilities are endless!

Custom Prop Money Designs
  • $75 fee per design or setup

  • Each stack includes 100 full print double sided bills with money band

  • Minimum 2 stacks per design

  • Unmatched Quality for an Ultra-Realistic look

  • UV (Ultra-Violet) security features available, view sample here

  • Sequential & random serial numbers available

  • Bill display holder available here

  • We will not design bills to look any closer to real currency than our prop money

  • Discount codes are not applicable, ask about quantity discounts

Contact us to get started today. or (323) 800-5759