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45% off Deal of the Week Shop now

Free FedEx 2Day® when you add $100+ to cart

25% off Summer Sale Shop now

Legal Disclaimer


The prop money has been created explicitly for photograph & motion picture purposes. While the designs are made to resemble real currency from a distance, and on camera, upon closer inspection they clearly indicate that they are not real currency. Key differences and indicators include:

  • Printed on high-quality paper, NOT linen/cotton paper
  • Printed using high-quality ink, NOT color shifting ink
  • Does NOT state "The United States Of America" 
  • Does NOT state "Federal Reserve Note"
  • States "For Motion Picture Purposes"
  • States "This note is for motion picture purposes, it is not legal tender"
  • Presidents faces are different from real currency
  • Serial numbers match on all bills, NOT sequential
  • Wording, slogans, and feel are different from real currency
  • Names and signatures are different from real currency
  • Art is different from real currency
  • Dates are different from real currency
Custom customized fake play prop money bills


By purchasing and/or accepting delivery of the prop money you agree to use the prop money in a lawful manner and understand that any illegal use of the prop money, such as, trying to use it as real money, is a serious federal offense punishable by imprisonment, and fines. Be aware that we will cooperate with any government agency in the pursuit of anyone misusing the prop money.

Inquiries, solicitations, and/or requests implying any illegal activity will not be accepted, will be ignored, and may be reported to the authorities.

We reserve the right to refuse service, and/or decline sale, to anyone at our sole discretion.